Open your eye's to the truth.....

Open your eye's to the truth.............. Bigfoot has been validated...they haven't told us

Saturday, February 22, 2014

When is enough enough?

If you're interested in the subject of Bigfoot, Sasquatch, the Skunk ape, or whatever you choose to call this species of wild human type being, and you're smart enough to see through the flimsy explanations that have been provided by those that "get paid" to offer them. Watch these links however long it takes and you will have a good idea as to why our scientific community is full of shit!
The bias we see in every aspect of our scientific community is beginning to sound more ridiculous than the incredible information we get from eyewitnesses and solid researchers

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What will it take?

We see them all over this country.
We find the tracks.
We have the DNA.
We have several geneticists that have confirmed...the DNA is real and it's from a real flesh and blood being that is part human.
The leverage is in our favor to validate the Sasaquatch as a living breathing species on planet earth.

So.....why has it not happened?
If you are a researcher, or just curious you should know that "official" species validation has been subverted by the N.A.S,
the N.R.C. and all of the accepted peer review journals responsible for examining the overwhelming evidence that was presented to them on multiple occasions. When is enough...enough!
What can we do?

We must...once and for all, put our differences aside and begin to work together. Is ther no one willing to go after these criminals in control of validation that have denied the world the truth?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

What are we missing

                                              The Reality of Suppression
                                                    By Mark A. Zaskey

 For centuries reports of very large, hairy, ape-like creatures that walk on two legs have been coming out of remote wilderness areas all over our planet.  What most people simply don’t realize is… the vast majority of the “Bigfoot” sightings on record are NOT from “Remote areas” at all. This is the first and most common misunderstanding that the general public has about Bigfoot.

In fact, here in the state of Florida only a small percentage of the total number of our “Bigfoot” sightings are from what you would describe as “Remote wilderness” areas.
The fact is…Most people just don’t spend a lot of time in these “Remote” areas, so the nature of many of the eyewitness accounts of these creatures, are when they’re seen in “Less Remote” areas, or just outside of town and increasingly more, within town limits.

 This statement is based on investigation of physical evidence found at the scenes of many of these encounters and credible eyewitness testimony.

 The very question itself or “Doubt” that has been raised as to the existence of Bigfoot or Sasquatch being a real flesh and blood species… is in fact of a “Political” origin.

You see, if you had been raised in the wilds’ of this country, if you indeed did live your life as the American Indian’s did, out there, then… as they think…so would you.

 For the Native American tribes of this country there is no question. They lived along side this species throughout the centuries or at-least until we came and did what we did to take it from them.

The people we call Native Americans are in fact settlers themselves in this country and most tribes will admit this. These tribes have said that when they arrived here, someone or something was already living here.
All of the migrating tribes did have to deal with the “Locals” at some point. This statement is backed up by the fact that every tribe in this country has a rich “Oral” history and tradition concerning this race of beings. In addition to that, there are well over a hundred different Native American names for this species, across the North American Continent, all of which describe a similar race of being.

Ask yourself…is this a coincidence? Or are these names and descriptions, some of which, horrifying, and violent, actually telling us a simple truth?

These clans of huge, hairy, wild-men, kidnapped women and children, in most cases they were never seen again, and literally hunted and killed the Amerindian warriors at will.

There are, in many Native American Oral Traditions, and art work, including pictograms, very detailed accounts of “Wars” with these indigenous clans of wild, hairy giants that came down from the mountains, and attacked the Amerindian tribes as they moved into certain areas. They warred over territory and the right to co-exist.

The fact that our own scientific community has told us this is a myth, in the face of historical evidence to the contrary, is one of the greatest suppressions of scientific information in the history of this country. Instantly, the subject of “Bigfoot” goes on a long list of “Taboo” subjects that we are not supposed to be aware of.

In the beginning, largely due to the fact that our government, then in it’s early stages, was in the business of promoting the spread and development of settlements in these “Occupied” territories. It was simply not in the interest of progress to provide early white settlers with all of the information on the areas they were interested in developing, and quite simply, at the time the U.S. Government was unaware of their existence. The misguided push into these wilderness areas resulted in many incidents involving white settlers and prospectors encountering and sometimes being killed by these clans of hairy giants.
This is fact, not folklore.

(Below) From the oral history of the “A’shiwi,” or “Zuni” tribe we see a pictograph illustrating a celebrated victory over a “Mountain Devil” in which a warrior displays the severed head of what is obviously a “Sasquatch.”

The above piece is one of many pieces of Ancient Native American history that has been removed from dig sites around the U.S. and withheld from public review.

There are organized efforts to keep discoveries like this from public consciousness, and have been for a very long time. Some of these efforts are sponsored by organized religion, the “Mormons” for example, have literally funded the suppression of many significant findings, deemed “Controversial” or “Contradictory”, to what their religion teaches, through the “New World Foundation” over the course of the last fifty-years.

 Either way the fact is we decimated and displaced the American Indians across this country, arguably, one of the most criminal and vile acts ever committed by one culture against another. Along the way, our own very politically motivated scientific establishment, labeled these tribes as simple savages.
The public was told they were out of control and thus, “Had to be controlled.”

 The resulting political campaign to “Tame the Country” really meant “Label them savages and eliminate all evidence of their existence.” Any thing of a controversial nature was tossed into the “Not for Consumption” drawer and forgotten.

 With a rich history on this continent, over a hundred different American Indian names, well over thirty–thousand eyewitness sightings and encounters on record in the U.S. and a vast catalog of physical evidence including film, video, photo, foot-track castings and now even a DNA study referred to as the “Ketchum” study, conclusively identifying the existence of this new species…common sense nags at a few things.

“Who is in charge of the validation of new species in this country?” and “Why has nothing been done as about this?”

The National Academy of Sciences, and its many journals, is the trusted “Authority” for most, if not all of the accepted scientific knowledge the public receives.

 The Academy was created in the Lincoln era to advise the U.S. Government in matters of “Influential scientific discovery.”
Not to bring all truth in science to the minds of the public, but to determine what science is appropriate for public consumption, in serving the agendas of Government.

 Let me rephrase that…Basically they control the ebb and flow of all scientific information for the U.S. Govt.
They respond to requests for scientific opinions on all types of subjects, especially “Controversial” ones, and determine the level of censorship that need be applied.

For those of you reading this that are involved in researching other subjects, this should point out a few important clues as to who the actual censors are.

The Academy, answering only to the U.S. Government, has flat out refused to look at any of the overwhelming evidence in the case for Sasquatch.
 The combined suppression of physical evidence by other religious and educational institutions along with a  “Semiotics dominated” corporate owned media that controls the dissemination and distribution of all previously censored information, has resulted in the current public uneducated opinions regarding not just this profound discovery, but many potentially drastic “Game Changing” discoveries.

Approval and validation of a discovery of the proportions of the Sasquatch issue would ultimately mean that most of what we have been told about our evolution here on this planet would need to be revised in some way. Think about it….

Not only are we not alone in the universe… but we are not alone right here on earth.

 The fact that none of the N.A.S. Journals have undertaken what is quite possibly the most significant anthropological discovery in the history of anthropology… is suspicious enough, but to flat out refuse to look at scholarly studies and reports that contain irrefutable evidence…should be considered a criminal act against the American people.

Whether or not you’re aware of the existence of “Sasquatch” or “Bigfoot,” or even if it doesn’t enter into your consciousness at all… is of no consequence to reality.

All of the facts of the case continue to point to a few inescapable things:

1. The U.S. Forestry service is aware of their existence and they are not being honest with us about this subject.
2. The National Parks Service is aware of their existence and not being honest with us about this subject.
3. The U.S. Department of the Interior regulates them through procedure and policy.
4. Those policies are shrewdly guided by the scientific findings of the National Academy of Science.
We are ALL being lied to about the existence of this species of human-type being.  Indeed they are alive and prospering just outside of our towns and in some cases within city limits around the United States of America or you wouldn’t be reading this article right now.

“Our research communities in all circles represent a mass repression being expressed in the physical world.”

The fact that around the world, there are thousands of “Armchair Researchers” dedicated to proving the existence of this species is evidence of a psychological, and now physiological, backlash over the suppression of information in and of itself. Proof, that something is going on. Here is an example.

“Your house is on fire, your staring at it. All of your belongings are being destroyed. You feel the heat burning your face.  Your neighbors are watching with you, remarking at the tragedy, when the fire department shows up and tries to tell you there is no fire, your crazy and leaves. At first you question yourself, even though it’s right there burning away right in front of you, finally you try to do something yourself.
Both you and your neighbor begin to try to put out the fire, with your garden hoses.”

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Crypto-Reality with special guest Robert Kryder of Kryder Exploration

"Gotta Spin it"

          " If it comes out, it will be spun and it has already begun."

I have stated on several occasions in the past, in light of what the D.N.A. of a humanoid that uses 100% of its brain capacity will ultimately represent to "ALL" of mankind, that the governors of "What is validated as real" will begin a campaign of o-mission and half-truths regarding what the American Sasquatches D.N.A. does in fact tell us... "Cross species genetics is not a "NEW" science."
Imagine mainstream science trying to explain how it is that these "primitives" have access to more of their total brain capacity possibly even 100%, given the abilities that have been reported and we...the evolved masters of reality, have somehow "DE-EVOLVED" in respect to our ability to use our brains total capacity, as all other species on the planet do. They will have to answer for some very obvious early archaeological finds and facts and the fact that they may represent more truth than previously admitted.
It is no secret that our own  D.N.A. contains some very abnormal signs.

The "Hybrid" conclusions are devastating to the theory of evolution, which would explain why a scientist that does actually want to promote the "possibility" that Bigfoot is real, would still cling to the theory that it is a "relic" of ape that was validated by American journals off a tooth and  piece of jaw bone. They're so used to "Fitting" new species to existing Doctrine....It makes me cringe with what they're getting away with when it comes to Ketchum.

Any way.... The dance.... with truth....It has begun.

The fact that our biological and anthropological scientific community refuses to acknowledge the very real genomes that can be viewed at any time by any one of them, should speak volumes to what the real problem is.

Try to understand that this cover-up has seeped into every level of reality, including existing genomic database software. The main genomic database that contains samples of every known, verified species D.N.A. has software that is by design "kicking back" every single sample of Bigfoot D.N.A. that has been submitted. If the D.N.A. is entered into the system as a mammal, non-human...the software finds the closest match, however wrong it may be, and gives a wrong answer, essentially...the software "Runs home to momma," creating false matches. If the D.N.A. is submitted under "Human" type....the officials at the genomic database lab ask the submitter of the D.N.A. for a H.I.P.P.A. consent form....from a Sasquatch?
REALLY? REALLY?!!!! This may sound ridiculous, and by all is. But it actually happened.

I stand firm on this point......If the American Sasquatch D.N.A. that is studied by Oxford shows any human links, and it will not be officially stated, all other genetic links and relations will be publicized vigorously, that is unless they find and confirm Ketchum's findings, and I believe they already have. Opposing opinions will be met with irrational skepticism and the same old intellectual insults that have succeeded in satisfying a public that has been dumb ed down by design. The cover-up will continue.

Meanwhile.....we already have real.... fully sequenced Sasquatch D.N.A., the travesty of truth and justice means nothing to anyone of significance with the ability to challenge these criminals that rule our twisted realities and for those who are "Awake" in all of this.....We are still sidelined and gagging from the stench of the shit we see these scumbags getting away with.


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The online Sasquatch of the moneymaking skeptic, By Mark Zaskey

                                                                       "Bigfoot Skeptics"
Unfortunately for those who know the Bigfoot species is real-the internet has provided a networking platform for those who refuse to look into this subject that wish to promote and help others to manifest typical skeptical rhetoric. Oddly enough... that seems to be enough to keep most people, especially those who research and know the species is real, and eyewitnesses, from any serious campaign of unity or momentum as concerned parties. Part of this I believe is due to the fact that there is so much separation within our research community geographically that it's financially difficult for most people to get together once and for all. Yes we promote education through conventions and speaker engagements, but as of yet the Bigfoot research community has not come together on the single most important issue that they are faced with....The campaign of mass distraction and subversion that has prevented validation for over 200 years.
If you take the time to see what is going will see that no one has confronted the powers that govern our scientific community at National Academy of Sciences and the National Research Council in regards to what is in fact living in the wilds of our country. Part of my own research is on the "Psychological" side of the Bigfoot issue. The fact that we are trying to prove to mainstream science that the species is real, is proof enough that the species is real. In other words; "The fact that an army of armchair Bigfoot researchers exists in almost every state in America, is evidence of a very real psychological conflict between what has been seen in the physical world or the physical reality, and what we are being told by scientific authorities in the exchange of information." We are being lied to and denied the right to our own validation and more importantly....the validation of the species. We must face this reality and confront those involved in this...Head on.... if we hope to change anything.

After reading hundreds of "skeptical" posts on various skeptical blogs I have some thoughts on the issue. It seems most of these "Skeptical" people aren't really skeptical after all, but rather it seems they suffer from an inability to do the work that is necessary to come to an educated opinion on this subject. The species exists...Nothing and no one can change what is actually real. I have been in the wilds my whole life, I have never "Hallucinated" seeing a Bigfoot. People don't just suddenly "Hallucinate" seeing giant hairy beings do they? Have You?

Topics and comments on these "Skeptics" blogs are riddled with the same old UN-educated rhetoric that has consistently repeated itself over the course of the last 100 years. Quite Frankly...If your skeptical it's because you haven't done your own investigation to see for yourself. But I get it...Who has time to investigate when it's so easy to hide behind an online persona and take pot shots that in the end....make you sound smart to other people who are just as UN-educated on the subject as you are. I wonder why you would so willingly offer up so much support to debunk the existence of the species, the eyewitnesses, the DNA, the huge track casts, the hair, the 1000 years of Amerind oral "HISTORY"? Why? Who are you to provide a platform that promotes denial? Why do you exist in the first place?
  Most of these infamous or outspoken "Skeptics" are actually blog owners that make money off promoting dis-information and denial. They provide and maintain online marketing platforms and are paid to do so. Some of these skeptics blogs are ran and maintained by mainstream science and those who wish to continue to strengthen the resistance to investigation of "Controversial" scientific subject matter.
 If you are legitimately skeptical, it's because you've been conditioned to be that way. Would you be wondering if Bigfoot was real if YOU saw one? NO you wouldn't be. It doesn't matter who you are, what you do for a living, or how educated or intelligent you are, If you see a Bigfoot, and you report it, YOUR LABELED A CRAZY PERSON. Take this statement to heart, because this is the reality that we need to smash.
 "This Is the reality that has been created in order to keep you from spreading the truth."

Questioning our reality should be a bigger part of our lives, but what we really should be questioning isn't weather or not tens of thousands of our fellow Americans have seen a giant, hairy, humanoid.... that's the manipulation in action.
 Promoting the wrong questions about the subject of Bigfoot is the foundation of the distraction and the main reason we have gotten nowhere with validation of the species.

We have to start asking the right questions, the tough questions.
Ask yourself the right questions:
Why haven't they looked into this? 
Who is responsible to do so?
How do I contact them? 

Then set about doing something to get the answers to these real questions and tell others to do the same.

                                                         For the "honestly" skeptical people
I was a “Skeptic” about the existence of this species although I was curious how it was that so many credible people including Policeman and even Anthropologists and Archaeologists could say they had seen such a thing and then report it. I figured if there was such a thing as Bigfoot our modern day reports would not be the only ones in existence right? So instead of denial I chose to investigate for myself. I read thousands of reports from all over the world. I even studied Native American Indian tribal Folklore. It turns out most of our Native Tribes here in the U.S. don’t regard this subject as folklore, but rather seem convinced that they are a real tribe of wild people. Who was I to argue since they were the ones having to live in the wild all those centuries back then. Even now they have a lot more to do with nature as a race than most Americans including myself. I spoke to many eyewitnesses and spent many hours developing a map on where, in my area I should go investigate these “Ridiculous” claims for my self. Eventually I faced the reality that I had to set a date to begin my “Expedition” to see if I could prove it was real for myself.
I will only say this about Bigfoot…here in Florida, just outside the rural areas that we inhabit if you arm yourself with the right information on where to go look…You will find tracks of proportions that are not in the human range, yet they are similar to a human track. The tracks I have found range from 13-17 inches. They are wide and very flat without an arch. The tracks are clearly not faked as the area I went into was way off the grid and there are to many, all showing obvious signs of the foot reacting to varying substrates, toes gripping and so on, some in mud that have dermal ridges that do not compare to man or other primates. I was so shocked when I found the first tracks, I thought someone was playing a joke on me. However…I was promptly Yelled at by what I can only describe as a very, very large man. The shouts were primal, but obviously human. They were so powerful that my chest vibrated. What yelled at me then ran off smashing down trees, on two legs? Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump! The sound of a very heavy man running off. I had a moment of clarity right then about this place we call earth. Since that day I have had one other encounter and it was my son the “Skeptic” that got to see “Who” made the tracks. His description was reported to a ranger station and the park biologist who stated that they were aware of It’s presence in the park and where did you see it? All I know is….I am not a skeptic anymore…But I actually did the work that was necessary to have an educated opinion on the subject. You may be reading this and you may be a genius and hold 5 degrees but you don’t know about this if you think they don’t exist. I say that knowing that most of you if not all of you who choose to prod and poke or make fun of the subject have never really done a thing to educate yourself on this aspect of reality. It’s a pity too…because what this subject really represents is; We are not the only Human-type Being here on earth. What could be more relevant a topic to explore with eager minds. I know what I have seen and heard, I feel for any one that hasn’t had the notion to do the work before they comment. GO SEE FOR YOURSELF…You will find evidence of something with big feet that want’s you to leave the area immediately.